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Mosquito treatment for homes

YES! You CAN do something about mosquitoes other than spray yourself with chemicals! As much as the Townsville City Council encourages us to reduce mosquito breeding sites, there is nothing better than complete eradication! Get your back yard back!



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Back yard mosquito treatments

We guarantee it!

Take your yard back! Something CAN be done to control mosquitoes. We guarantee it!

Mosquitoes in Townsville are extremely dangerous. Mosquito borne illnesses are big threats. Why not enjoy your back yard? Having a Tactic Pest Control Townsville Mosquito treatment for your home will reduce mosquito populations by 92%. The way the treatment works is designed to create a ‘barrier’ around your home using your trees and plants as part of the system. Our treatment works. We live in a humid warm climate perfect for mosquito breeding. Mozzies can lay eggs in as little as 2mm of water and travel up to 100 metres from breeding sites for food. The Townsville City Council’s education program warns us to tip out potential breeding sites. This is ineffective control on it’s own. You can control your home, but you cannot control your neighbours or what happens up to 100 metres from your home.

You can control what happens in your home. Don’t let mosquitoes dominate the best place in the world. The back yard!

Mosquito Breeding Habits

The mosquito as shown in this image likes to hang out on the underside of leaves, in foliage, on fences, on structures, under chairs.. really anywhere she can reserve energy waiting for a blood meal. The female is equipped with some pretty amazing onboard sensing technology that is still amazing scientists.

How does a mozzie find a human?

Mosquitoes tend to ‘hunt’ for the right meal which is why several people can be at a BBQ and one or two people are being bitten. Mosquitoes are attracted to Carbon Dioxide and L-Lactic acid in the air, the very things we emit as humans when we exhale. Odour bursts of human breath contain approximately 4.5% carbon dioxide, while normal atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are between .03-.04% (Gillies 1980).

Mosquito biting

The mosquito bite

She can sense a tiny variation in the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air using her sensory receptors. and makes a bee-line for it. These receptors are sensitive enough to detect changes of 0.01%, and can’t detect changes above 4.0%–a percentage corresponding to that of human breath (Bowen 1991). Once finding a host, she chooses a specific body area generally based on skin temperature and humidity. Once she has latched on, her extremely sophisticated mouth parts including tapered piercing mechanisms, a labrum forming a food channel and a complex array of muscles aid in the blood sucking. During this interaction with our skin and circulatory system is where diseases can be transferred either TO the mosquito, or FROM the mosquito.

Mosquito-borne Diseases include

Visit the links above to find out more about mosquito-borne diseases & symptoms.
The Queensland Government recommends the following to reduce the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. This is excellent advice, however Tactic Pest Control has a solution to effectively reduce the incidents of mosquitoes in and around your home in the first place.

Mosquito Treatments spray for home



Our Technicians will assess your home, assess the infestation including all accessible areas. We will look for potential breeding sites and provide recommendations to the treatment plan.


Using specialised equipment, a “TREATED ZONE” is created around your home. The treatment takes about 24-48 hours to begin to take effect and lasts for up to 3 months. You will see a 90% reduction in just two to three weeks.


The treatment lasts up to 3 months – during this time if there is no a significant reduction in mosquito numbers we will come and start the process again*. Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee.

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