• Ants are a fascinating insect, there have been movies made about them and lots of documentaries as well. Australia is home to a diverse number of species with about 3000 recorded. 
    The main pest ants in Townsville and the North of the State are:- Coastal Brown ant, Pharoah’s ant, Black house ant, Ghost ant, Whitefooted house ant. There are a number of others that are considered to be a casual pest including the Green ant, Meat ant, Carpenter ant.
    The difficult species to control are the Coastal brown ant and Ghost ants.
    Ants can carry disease as they forage and frequent the same areas as cockroaches and rodents. You wouldn’t use your toothbrush if you saw a cockroach on it but most people wouldn’t worry if it were covered with ants they would just rinse them off.

  • A very descriptive name being that this little guy is shiny black and loves to feed inside your house! The sweet tooth of the home based ant pest kingdom, the Black House Ant loves any sugary or sweet. It will eat other foods but will attack sugar bowls, honey jars and anything with a sugar content... Read More

  • Often referred to as the 'Big Headed Ant' the Coastal Brown ant is a major pest in both home and commercial situations. The soldier has a large set of jaws which are used as a type of 'nut cracker', strong enough to open seed pods and dissect insects with ease. These ants are at home in warm humid environments especially in North Queensland. Coastal Brown Ants love living with people as we supply them an abundance of food.... Read More

  • The Carpenter Ant does not get around with a tool belt and a hammer! The Carpenter is a very large ant between 7-12mm long with varying colours from very dark black to chocolate brownish depending on the species... Read More

  • The Ghost Ant doesn't get it's name not from it's ability to scare people but from it's appearance. It has extremely pale coloured legs and abdomen and is extremely difficult to see. Being only 1.5mm long the Ghost Ant's light colour makes it appear to be even smaller than it is...Read More

  • Anyone who has spent any time in North Queensland will know the bite of a Green Ant. The savages of the ant world, Green Ants are ferociously protective of their nests and will attack at the slightest provocation. The Green Ant is an amazing builder and use the silk produced by their larvae to weave together nests from the leaves of the tree or bush they reside in, hence the name 'weaver ant'..... Read More

  • Meat Ants - they sound like formidable carnivores that will come after you. The Meat Ant is an incredible colonist with monstrous nests with hundreds of thousands of ants in connected Super Colonies. More a nuisance than a pest the Meat Ant is found everywhere in Australia.. Read More

  • Also known as a 'stink ant' the Oderous Ant gets it's unfortunate name from the smell they produce when crushed. Some people describe the odour as rancid butter or rotten coconut odour. The Oderous Ant is related to the Ghost Ant and is often mistaken for the Black House Ant... Read More

  • Often found in hospitals and nursing homes and carries the alternative name, “hospital ant”. The ant when found in a hospital actually can be found in the dressings of patients biting and spreading disease from one patient to another. Can be difficult to control in hospitals etc. especially in sterile areas where insecticides can’t be used. There are multiple Queens in a colony and the colony numbers can be extensive. Read More