• Ants

    Ants are a fascinating insect, there have been movies made about them and lots of documentaries as well. Australia is home to a diverse number of species with about 3000 recorded.
    The main pest ants in Townsville and the North of the State are:- Coastal Brown ant, Pharoah’s ant, Black house ant, Ghost ant, Whitefooted house ant. There are a number of others that are considered to be a casual pest including the Green ant, Meat ant, Carpenter ant.
    The difficult species to control are the Coastal brown ant and Ghost ants.
    Ants can carry disease as they forage and frequent the same areas as cockroaches and rodents. You wouldn’t use your toothbrush if you saw a cockroach on it but most people wouldn’t worry if it were covered with ants they would just rinse them off.