• Scientific Name

    Ochetellus spp.


    The Black House Ant has a well described name as it is shiny black in colour around 2.5-3mm long.


    Like most ants, it undergoes a complete metamorphisis during it's development taking around 38-44 days. The Queen produces eggs which hatch into larvae that looks like a whitish coloured grub. The larvae are completely looked after by the colony and undergo a series of moults then the larvae pupates. Unlike other insects the ant pupa is soft and creamy white, a very similar shape to the adult ant. Once the adult emerages from the pupa the soft body requires cuticle hardening and this can take a few hours to a few days.


    The Black House Ant most commonly nests outside the home, in paving cracks and crevices, against concrete paths and in garden rockery. When the Black House Ant nests in inside it will buildin wall voids, under cupboards, wall and subfloor voids.


    The sweet tooth of the home based ant pest kingdom, the Black House Ant loves any sugary or sweet. It will eat other foods but will attack sugar bowls, honey jars and anything with a sugar content.