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Cockroaches Ants and Spiders

Cockroaches, ants and spiders are the most common pests found in the home. Being free of these pests is a good start to a happy, healthy home.



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Cockroaches, ants and spiders

Cockroach on toothbrush

Cockroaches - the gross pest

Is there anything more creepy than going to the kitchen in the middle of the night, turning on the lights and seeing cockroaches scurrying for cover?

Cockroaches are disgusting.  Having an infestation can cause distress for a home owner or renter and can leave you feeling dirty or like you have done something wrong.

There are DIY pest controllers who will ‘bomb’ the home, which is essentially filling the whole living space with chemicals.  How is this safe?

A Tactic Pest Control Technician will treat your home in the safest possible way maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.  We are so confident in our treatment methods, we provide a full 12 month warranty on cockroaches.

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Ants eating food in kitchen

Ants - the annoying pest

Ants in the home do not have the same cringe effect as cockroaches, but they are downright frustrating and annoying.  Once your home is invaded, they get into everything.  From the sugar containers, flour, all over the kitchen, in the bathrooms, even in your bed – they just seem to be everywhere.

Ants are extremely difficult to control given how they construct their nests.  Tactic Pest Control are one of the few Pest control companies that offer a full 12 month warranty on ant treatments (internal).

Our Technicians will seek out and destroy nests using the latest in safe and effective products designed to eradicate ants at their source.

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Red back spiders

Spiders - the scary pest

Spiders are the scary pest for most people.  There are the dangerous spiders that lurk around your home and then there are the annoying one’s that build webs on the inside and outside attracting dust and stains.

Tactic Pest Control will effectively treat all webbing spiders in and around your home providing a full 12 month warranty on this treatment.

Once the spiders are gone, you can set about removing the webs providing a clean and safe environment for you and your family.

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Common Household Pests

Tactic Pest Control technician with vehicle

How your Townsville Pest Control treatment plan works

Whether you have cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, fleas, ticks or rodents, your Tactic Man works to an exacting standard using Tactic Pest Control’s Customised Operating Procedure (COP) tailored to your home and situation. We don’t just come in and spray chemical – that’s bad for you, your home and the environment. Instead we use science and process to ensure the highest standard whilst looking after you and the environment around you. We;

  • INSPECT Your home is assessed – A thorough inspection making sure you, your kids and pets as well as the environment is safe
  • PLAN A treatment plan is formulated and documented using our Site Evaluation Procedure
  • ACTION The treatment is carried out according to the plan using the latest technology and safest non-generic products on the market
  • DOCUMENT Once we are finished, we discuss our findings, issue your copies of relevant documentation and provide you with your Warranty Card
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  • Single pest
  • Cockroaches, ants or spiders

  • Get a single treatment of either cockroaches, ants or spiders all with a 12 month warranty. (ants internal)

    Bonus: Silverfish treatment with cockroaches

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  • Packages
  • Package pest treatments

  • Package cockroaches ants and spiders and save up to 40%! Same great 12 month warranty (ants internal)

    BONUS: Silverfish treatment

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Mosquito treatments Townsville

Want your back yard back?

Talk to our friendly consultants today about adding a mosquito treatment for your home.

The treatment is applied both internally and externally and will reduce mosquitos by up to 92%!  (in most cases – altogether!)

Imagine being able to enjoy your back patio, your verandah, your BBQ area any time of the day or night and not be attacked by mosquitoes. Enjoy your yard again without coils or sprays.

Oh, and we Guarantee results!

Mosquitoes be gone!

Call us today for advice and an obligation free quote.