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Dangers of DIY

MOST people would not attempt to do electrical work around their home. There are some though who break the law everyday and decide to do unlicenced, unqualified electrical work around their home. It's just plain dumb. You could kill yourself, members of your family and visitors.



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Let’s just start this with a defInition. Pest = organism that, at a given place and time, cause nuisance –  Cide = ‘the act of killing’.

Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill living things. The name literally means it. The Federal Health Department states that “Most of the pesticides used today are chemicals which have been developed in a laboratory by scientists and produced in factories. Some pesticides are quite hazardous, as they can be harmful to humans and other living things.”

The Government warnings go on to say how pesticides can contaminate land, the air, food crops, water ways and seriously harm or kill native animals, pets and domestic animals. Not only this, but it warns that in addition to being hazardous to the user, pesticides can also cause great harm and sometimes death to a person or other living things nearby.

Generally, pesticides come in three different forms:

  • aerosols, which are sprayed out in a fine mist and come in pre-packaged tins with propellant
  • solids, which come in powder form (like flour), or in crystal or granular form (like sugar)
  • liquids, which look like milky water

Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, Mitre 10 and most other supermarkets or hardware stores make it super easy to buy dangerous chemicals. Just like the same hardware stores sell electrical cable, switches and other electrical fittings, it doesn’t mean you should ‘give it a go’. These retailers certainly don’t discourage the purchase of these items and will not stop you from buying them.


Pesticides are a necessary part of living in modern society. Without them, we would not have constant and plentiful food supply, our homes would be eaten by Termites before we could finish building them and home life would be shared with all sorts of creepy crawlies. Pesticides have evolved from being the most dangerous substances on the earth, damaging to humans, animals and the environment to a standard which when used CORRECTLY by a trained professional are safe for you, your family and the environment.


it would be the worst feeling in the world knowing your actions in ‘saving a few bucks’ cost the lives of your family or your pets. You might feel really clever spraying some chemicals around the home to get rid of some fleas or ticks, but what about the future? Do you know what effects that chemical you have sprayed has on humans or other living creatures? How does it react with the soil? What effects does it have on the respiratory system? Could the chemical make it’s way to the water table?

Simple Economists

Let’s put it this way. A lot of our business is fixing attempts by people to save a few dollars on getting in a professional Pest Controller. If you were to ask them if they would perform heart surgery on their kids to save a few dollars the answer (hopefully) would be no, but they are more than willing to put those same kids health and possibly lives at risk with pesticides. 99% of the time, the DIY professor’s treatment doesn’t work anyway. Wrong pesticide used using the wrong equipment in the wrong way.

Backyard Biologists

Without knowing where pests live, how they breed, studying feeding and breeding habits, you will simply by pouring poison in places it has no place to be poured in quantities you have no idea of the affect of. A lot of people think.. MORE IS BETTER when doing DIY pest control. Don’t read the label, don’t know what they are doing. End up creating a bigger pest problem.

Environmental Terrorists

Without understanding how pesticides can work in the environment, you could be inadvertently destroying micro-ecosystems that are extremely important to agriculture (eg bees), to the health of your own backyard soil, not to mention seepage into the underground water table or run off into storm drains potentially poisoning the fragile state of the broader environment.


The internet in a great source of information. The fact you are reading this means you are doing ‘due diligience’ when it comes to protecting your home and the lives and safety of your family. The internet can also be a place filled with ‘so called experts’ who will in the event of something going horribly wrong, not claim or be beholden to any consequences.

Our staff like you are on Facebook and forums and see the types of recommendations being provided by extremely knowledgeable people for the sake of a few ‘likes’ or kudos. Just some of the internet keyboard warrior recommendations we have seen:

  • Dogs and cats in cattle dip (Facebook)
  • Filling a bathtub with water, mixing pesticide ‘until it’s green’ and washing the animals’Soaking’ the ground with pesticide until it ‘looks like it has just rained’ (Facebook)
  • Pouring concentrated chemical without dilution into cracks and crevices (Facebook)
  • Using cockroach ‘bombs’ in a way they were not designed to be used. (Yahoo Answers)
  • Spraying fly spray onto kids and animals (Internet Forum)
  • Use the spot of flea and tick treatment orally – or use 3 or 4 spot ons at once (Facebook)

They will all say ‘We did this. and it worked’.. but what they won’t be able to tell you (just yet anyway) is if they shortened their pets lives, if they put their children in danger or caused health issues for them in the future (remember, asbestos was once considered safe).

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