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Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks can be the most distressing pest in your home because it affects your pets, they can't talk, they don't complain, they just suffer. Let us assist you and give your best friend back his bounce. Trying DIY Flea or Tick treatment you have seen on Facebook or off the internet? STOP. You are only prolonging your animals ill health, well being and comfort and in most cases you will pay so much more attempting DIY.



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What is PESTSURE®?

Fleas and Ticks are particularly bad in Townsville. Tactic Pest Control have been assisting families to fight Fleas and Ticks using this comprehensive treatment method for over a decade. Fleas and Ticks need a scientific approach to be successful. After years of treating Fleas & Ticks along with independent research into the life cycle of the pests Tactic Pest Control conducted trials towards treatment of Fleas and Ticks in a more effective way. After the successful trials we introduced PestSure Flea & Tick Treatments. This treatment system has benefited over 13,000 of our clients since 2003. The success rate is second to none, so much so, other pest control companies have copied our system! PestSure was developed to ensure that Fleas and Ticks are not only destroyed in your yard, inside your home, but also on your pet. Guaranteed.

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Why are Fleas and Ticks so bad in Townsville?

Fleas and Ticks in Townsville can get out of control very quickly and generally it’s not your fault, it’s simply the humid climate we live with in Townsville and in a lot of cases a misunderstanding of the breeding nature of these pests. Fleas and ticks can infest an animal or a property with extreme ease. Your animal may only have to venture near your fence line & pick up adult fleas from the neighbours yard.

A Flea problem can begin at any stage in the cycle depending on whether you have just moved in to your home or whether your Pet has picked up fleas from another source.

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How Townsville Pest Control treatment plan works

Most of the problem is OFF the pet!

So many people we help have been trying to treat the animal only, sprays, washes, dangerous chemicals and poor old pooch is just getting sicker and sicker. As you can see through the diagram in the centre of the life-cycle, ONLY 5% of the problem is on your dog! The rest is in your yard, in your home, where the pet sleeps, runs, walks, eats and digs.

Do it yourself - DOES NOT work!

Let’s just put it plainly – you are only making your animal suffer the longer you put off having a trained Pest Management Technician treat your home and animal. People will always ‘swear’ by a home remedy that ‘worked for them’. These keyboard warriors are the reason so many pets suffer needlessly while owners experiment.

How and why PestSure® works

Phase 1

Complete treatment of the internal & external of your home using top quality Adulticide and Larvicide. This will kill any adult fleas and act against the larvae. You will begin to see results after 1-2 days. It is important that the yard is not mowed for the first 7 days, not watered for the initial 4-5 days. After 7 days without mowing, you should remove any grass clippings from the property which may contain pupa or eggs. NEVER use lime to control fleas. Lime reacts with the treatment agent and neutralises them. You should let us know if you have used lime.

Phase 2

Supply of an ON PET treatment to you if you have pets. This is an extremely important step as your animal becomes a flea killing apparatus for any adults on the animal and any that may be picked up if taken for a walk or from a neighbours yard.

Phase 3

We will arrange with you to return to your property after 14-21 days to complete phase 3 of the PestSure® program. During this time, any eggs have hatched and come into contact with the Larvicide and pupa will have hatched. The second treatment completely breaks the cycle giving you, your family and pets relief.

Phase 4

Warranty and monitoring. We offer a full 3 month Warranty on our PestSure® Flea & Tick Management program. This Warranty covers any additional treatments required to control fleas after the initial phases. The Warranty is valid if you have treated any animals at your home and have followed the directions we have supplied to ensure maximum effectiveness. The PestSure® Program actively kills Fleas & Ticks for many weeks after application and is designed as a SYSTEM. If you are still experiencing major flea or tick infestation after 40 days, call our office immediately and we will return to the property to retreat.

Use lime to kill fleas and ticks

Lime may have a limited effect on adult fleas but in actual fact, end up causing more problems. Why?

Here’s the science (not what Joe Bloggs on Facebook says) Lime actually neutralises chemical. Simple. Hydrated lime is used when large chemical or pesticide spills occur to NEUTRALISE the active ingredient! The Environmental Protection Agency endorse the use of lime and in thousands of companies around the world handbooks to dealing with pesticide or chemical spills, lime is primarily used to neutralise the active ingredient.

Myth 2: Using a spot-on treatment alone will work to kill fleas and ticks

BUSTED: As much as some of the TV ads will try to convince you that the moment you dribble on your chosen product that every flea and tick comes under attack, it is simply not the case.

Where a dog has a major flea infestation, in our professional experience treating for many years in North Queensland, a combined environment (home) and animal treatment in conjunction is required to quickly and effectively break the flea breeding cycle and get the problem under control.

As with the information provided above – 5% of the problem is on the animal – the larvae, eggs and newly hatched fleas are in the environment around the animal.

DIY (Do it yourself) pest control

BUSTED: As with myth 2, stand-alone treatments without a scientific approach will not work. Now your hubby or you might be super handy with a hammer and nail, but using hazardous chemicals is a completely different story.  Have you spent years in training and gaining licences and qualifications to understand the effects of chemicals around your home, on you and your family? What about chemical drift or the effects on natural systems such as water ways or even bees? What about your pets? This is as dumb as performing open heart surgery just because someone on the internet said it was easy.

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