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Flies inhabit both homes and businesses across Australia. In fact, Australia is well known for our flies!   They become a pest due to the cohabitation with humans and animals, being attracted to food (fresh and rotting).  They are a nuisance in general if anyone has ever been outdoors and had flies try to enter your mouth or nose.   Commonly flies will ‘blow’ anything that once they lay their eggs, will provide a food source for their offspring.  Food, bins, animal faeces, literally anything that will be a food source.

They lay a lot of eggs, (the female housefly can lay 75-150 eggs in a batch) which eventually turn into maggots, turn into pupae taking only a few hours to a few days to turn into the fly we know and hate.

Flies are an insect with 6 legs two wings.  Range of sizes depending on the species, maggots (larva) will range in size depending on the species.


  • Eggs
  • Larva
  • Pupae
  • Adult

Types of flies

  • Blow fly (Bluebottle)
  • Bush Fly
  • Drain Fly
  • Fermentation fly
  • Flesh fly
  • Fruit fly
  • House fly
  • March fly (Horse fly)

Domestic pest flies

House flies, Blow flies, drain flies, fruit flies and March flies are the most common household pests.

Commercial pest flies

Depending on the situation and environment – the Housefly, Drain fly, the Fruit fly and the Blow fly would be the most common flies found.