• Larua Ingalls Wilder said "Home is the nicest word there is" and we couldn't agree more. Home should mean a place of sanctuary, a place of peace and happiness. There is enough to deal with in everyday life without having to deal with the invasion of any pest, the frustration of dealing with infestations can take away the good feelings that home should bring.

  • No two homes are exactly the same

    There is no 'one size fits all' approach to protecting your home from pest invaders. Even if your home is identical to your neighbours, your home is unique, not just in it's construction style and materials but also your interior finshings that make your home a home.  The biggest factor is you. The way you live in and out of your home can dramatically affect the way pests interact with you and your home.  We take a TACTICAL approach to each home - identifying it's strengths and weaknesses when it come to present and future pest invaders.

  • How your Townsville Pest Control treatment plan works

    Whether you have cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, fleas, ticks or rodents, your Tactic Man works to an exacting standard using Tactic Pest Control's Customised Operating Procedure (COP) tailored to your home and situation. We don't just come in and spray chemical - that's bad for you, your home and the environment. Instead we use science and process to ensure the highest standard whilst looking after you and the environment around you. We;

    • INSPECT Your home is assessed - A thorough inspection making sure you, your kids and pets as well as the environment is safe
    • PLAN A treatment plan is formulated and documented using our Site Evaluation Procedure
    • ACTION The treatment is carried out according to the plan using the latest technology and safest non-generic products on the market
    • DOCUMENT Once we are finished, we discuss our findings, issue your copies of relevant documentation and provide you with your Warranty Card
  • Our treatment does not end until your problem is solved. GUARANTEED.

    Tactic Pest Control has thousands of loyal customers who love our service.  We strive to keep our customers happy and part of that is providing strong warranties and guarantees.  See our Warranty and Guarantees

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