Removalists, or a mates ute, you still have a lot to organise when you are moving from a rental property.  To get your bond back in full you have to engage a few contractors to do a few jobs. One of those jobs is Fleas and Ticks if you have a pet.  We get the job done properly and we provide you the required 3 month warranty certificate to get your bond back.


    We see it all the time. Movers ringing around to get the cheapest quote - and there are some fly-by-night operators who don't care and will literally spray water.  Guess what happens if the treatment provided is not done correctly and the carpet cleaner/pest controller/lawn mower guy refuses to fix the problem?  You are responsible.


    There will be no questioning our services when you provide a Tactic Pest Control Certificate of completion.  Real Estates and Owners know we will honour our warranty and stand by our service.

  • Things you need to know about this treatment

    To complete a flea and tick bond return treatment to the level that Real Estate Agents require there is some requirements before we carry out the treatment.

    1. The home must be cleaned, free of furniture and carpets have been cleaned prior to our Technicians carrying out the treatment. That is; Pest Control should be the last service in the property.
    2. The lawns must be mowed and all grass clippings from last mow removed from the property
    3. The service must be paid for at the time of treatment (prior to the technician carrying out the treatment) prior to the certificate and receipt being issued. 


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