• YES! You CAN do something about mosquitoes other than spray yourself with chemicals! As much as the Townsville City Council encourages us to reduce mosquito breeding sites, there is nothing better than complete eradication! Get your back yard back!

  • R&D vs GENERIC

    Mosquitoes are very annoying, whether at a BBQ, mowing the lawn or just sitting in the back yard. More than annoying the Aussie Mozzie carries a myriad of infectious diseases that are extremely harmful to you and your loved ones. The most dangerous mosquitoe is the aedes Aegypti, better known as the Dengue Mosquito. This mosquito lives and breeds around your home and is the focus of most of Townsville City Council 'tip out' campaigns. The fact is, we live in a humid, wet, warm part of the world, as beautiful as Townsville is, simply reducing breeding sites will only reduce the number of eggs that can be laid in your yard, but won't keep them from coming to your home from the neighbours house, the park down the road or the many water sources that can't be controlled.

  • Product Safety in the Pest Control Industry

    There are many products on the market that are available to pest managers but careful selection of the right treatment agent for your problem as critical.
    Tactic Pest Control only uses genuine origin Rearch & Development products that have gone through rigorous trials, testing and approvals for many years before they are released onto the market. We do not use the cheaper generic products that haven’t had these sort of trials.

    There are several components of a pestcide - including the active ingredient and the solvents or the 'carrying agent'. It is not only the active ingredient that is trialled but also the additives that make up the bulk of the chemical product. Sometimes the additives are far more toxic than the actual chemical itself, eg. Toluene is used in some chemical products as a solvent. Toluene is a high risk substance and when mixed with other chemicals it can create a toxic cocktail, especially in the hands of a pest controller who doesn't care or understand it's potential risks or effects on the environment and non target species.
    Most of the cheaper generic products are manufactured in countries that do not have the stringent laws and regulations that Australia, America and Europe have.

  • Cheaper does not necessarily mean better

    At Tactic Pest Control when we are faced with the decision to choose which product to use we look for the treatment agent that has the lowest toxicity to humans and animals, is safest for the environment, but most of all it must work to eliminate the pest problem efficiently.

    We have trialed generics side-by-side with origin products and there is no comparison. From a efficacy perspective - the products we use are second to none and in our experience out perform the generics.

    There are always new products being released - we keep up on the latest through:

    • Associations with manufacturers and distributors of new products that are being trialed. In many cases we are asked to be involved in the trial program.
    • Frequent attendance to seminars, conferences and training to gain the most up to date information and practices.
    • Abiding by Best Industry Practice and Australian Standards along with Label requirements.

    It is our aim to leave this planet in a better condition than when we arrived. The environment we live in sustains our life so we have a responsibility to look after it.