• Scientific Name

    Oecophylla smaragdina


    Also known as the Weaver Ant, the Green Ant is typically Green bodied with a large round Green abdomen. The Green Ant is ferociously protective and will defend and guard up to 100 metres from their woven nests. When in attack or defence mode, the Green Ant will raise it's abdomen in an aggressive stance and inflict a nasty bite. The soldiers will swarm a threat and shear numbers overcome the threat. They don't sting however they when they bite they spray a burning fluid (formic acid) from the tip of their abdomen into the wound. Workers are about 6-10mm long and are a greenish-yellow colour. The middle section or waist of the ant is made up on one long long segment.


    Like most ants, it undergoes a complete metamorphisis during it's development taking around 38-44 days. The Queen produces eggs which hatch into larvae that looks like a whitish coloured grub. The larvae are completely looked after by the colony and undergo a series of moults then the larvae pupates. Unlike other insects the ant pupa is soft and creamy white, a very similar shape to the adult ant. Once the adult emerages from the pupa the soft body requires cuticle hardening and this can take a few hours to a few days.


    The Green Ant is an incredible builders. They don't bring in new materials but literally use the host tree or bush by pulling the leaves or braches together and weave them together with silk that is produced by the larvae. The Green Tree ant will create these baloon shaped nests from just about any type of large leaf tree, favourites being the Mango trees of North Queensland. The workers will actually form chains from one branch or leaf to another and these chains of ants will pull together the leaves. The adults don't produce silk, but they will transport the larvae onsite and literally squeeze them to encourage the silk production!

    There may be a huge colony made up of several nests amongst several trees however there will only be one Queen residing over the colony.


    The Green Ant is not fussy and will feed on vegetation, small animals and caterpillars. They are fearless and can often be seen taking on prey many more times the size of them, superior numbers as determination win out.