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Scientific Name
Blatta orientalis

The Oriental cockroach is dark reddish-brown to black, a medium-size cockroach at around 20-25mm. The male is very different in appearance to the female with blackish-brownish wings covering about 3/4 of the abdomen. The female is shiny black and has rudimentary or reduced wings that can be seen as ‘wing stubs’. As with most cockroaches, the female has a much broader abdomen than the male.

The female Oriental cockroach will lay egg capsules that are dark brown, about 10mm long and contain between 12-18 eggs. She will lay her egg casings near a food source or water soon after the egg casing is formed and will lay one egg casing per week during her life. Once hatched the nymphs will take around 180-540 days to reach adulthood with the male reaching the milestone usually a month quicker than females. They usually go through 7-10 moults during this time. The Oriental Cockroach will live approximately 90 days with the female laying on average 12 egg casings producing over 200 offspring.

The Oriental cockroach prefers more temperate climates but can adapt to warmer and colder climates. It is mostly found outside in mulch or leaf litter however does infest wet and shady perimeter areas, along with subfloor areas where it is cooler. It has been found in unit block rubbish chutes and does get inside wall voids. Often when a wheelie bin is moved Oriental cockroaches can be found scurrying for cover.

No, the Oriental cockroach does not prefer Chinese food! This cockroach will eat a variety of decaying organic matter and loves to hang out wherever garbage is stored or disposed of. Like the Brownbanded cockroach, it likes high starch materials and will gnaw on book bindings and wallpaper, even the glue on stamps.