• Sceintific name

    Ropalidia rowmandi Paper bark wasp or Paper bag wasp)


    Small yellow wasp with brown markings. Builds a nest which resembles a paper bag. The nest is made from small pieces of plant material woven into a bag type structure with siliva. The bag houses several combs where the queens lay their eggs. They are swarmers and each nest contains very large numbers of individuals.


    Nests are founded by swarms of workers. Within the nest are multiple fertilised queens who lay their eggs in the hexagonal shaped cells. They underg a complete metamorphosis: egg, larvae, pupa adult. The nest produces female workers, queens and males whose sole responsibility is to mate with the queens usually from another colony.


    They inhabit urban areas and bushland and are quite at home around the urban back yard. They build nests that resemble a paper bag which contain layers of  hexagonal shaped cells and can be as big as 1 meter long. They require a constant water source for the production of their paper nests. 


    R. romandi feed on nectar and pollens from flowering trees and plants they also feed their young on caterpilars

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