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Pest Control for Business

A lot of business owners think that Pest Control is just a tick and flick requirement. It's much more than that. As an owner or manager, do you want customers seeing cockroaches? Do you want to find rat droppings? Do you want downtime from staff who may be affected by pests? Keeping a Pest Free workplace leads to a happier, healthier workplace.



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Tactic Business Pest Solutions

This is something we hear all the time, especially from food business owners. We understand the pressure that small business faces with spiralling costs and expectations from your clients for better pricing. Some of our most loyal Townsville clients came to us after experiencing the level & quality of service given by the ‘cheapest quote’. Customers & staff coming in contact with or seeing cockroaches & other vermin can seriously damage your business reputation, your profits, not to mention having a Health Department audit. A quarterly treatment in your establishment will save you & your staff the embarrassment of finding pests in or near food, in your motel rooms, or in the workplace.. You can rest assured with the Tactic Pest Control 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Common Pests



There are a lot of staff in restaraunts, coffee shops, motel and Hotels who tell us “We now have confidence to work here”. In the past they were never sure if a cockroach would peer out from under a plate or be noticed by customers in the kitchen. Some staff described it as ‘downright embarrassing’. Confident staff are more engaged staff, this can lead to higher sales, better service and ultimately, happy customers!

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A pest free workplace is a happier, healthier workplace

Its a proven fact that staff satisfaction is linked to the actual or perceived ‘healthiness’ of a workplace and respond when they can see the business owner caring. When staff can see you being proactive in making their working environment as comfortable as possible, you will see a marked difference in their loyalty and productivity. An added benefit is you improving the health of your workplace can reduce sick leave as many problems can be caused by pest infestations.

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Mosquitoes and Dengue Fever in the workplace

There are now documented cases of staff who have been forced on Workers Compensation after contracting Dengue Fever from mosquitoes located in offices, industrial sheds and other workplaces, here in Townsville. How would you feel if a staff member contracted this delibitating illness when there was something you could have done to prevent it? Mosquitoes breed and feed in offices, sheds, and factories. They don’t discriminate at all when it comes to a blood meal.

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