• Scientific name

    Monomorium pharaonis


    Light brown to darker brown very similar in appearance to the Coastal Brown Ant without the large headed workers. A small ant 1.5-2mm long.


    Due to the fact that there are multiple queens the colony numbers can grow very quickly. Fertile queens lay the eggs which hatch into larvae then to pupae and finally into the ant. A queen will live for 4-12 months and a worker for around 3 months.


    Often found in hospitals and nursing homes and carries the alternative name, “hospital ant”.

    In a hospital situation the ant is quite a nasty customer and can be found in the dressings of patients in open wounds biting and spreading disease from one patient to another. Has been linked to the spread of Golden Staph. Can be difficult to control in hospitals etc. especially in sterile areas where insecticides can’t be used. There are multiple Queens in a colony and the colony numbers can be extensive.

    Pharaoh ants commonly nest within structures in wall voids, ceilings, subfloors and around foundations. It prefers the warmer areas within the building and will forage over large distances.


    Primarily a protein feeder it likes meat and blood also fats and oils. Will also feed on sugars