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Possum Control Townsville

Possum Control in Townsville isn’t harming our native friends, it’s about excluding them from our homes.

A Possum becomes a problem when it moves in around the home, into our roof voids and into spaces we don’t want them to live.  They can also start to eat things we don’t want them to including veggie patches, and even prize plants.

They become a problem in our roof voids with defecation and urination and marking of territory with a pungent spray from it’s scent glads. They also tear up insulation and air-conditioning ducts.  Outside they are a problem in our yards with rummaging through garbage bins, raiding chicken coops and even bird feeders.

Because Possums are active at night, they will play havoc with dogs who are not contained causing them to bark, romping across metal roofs making a racket and having turf wars.  See the below video for a typical Possum sound.

Possum Exclusion Options

There are several options for a home owner to reduce the issues surrounding possums.

WARNING: IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO KILL POSSUMS – Tactic Pest Control will not engage in killing of native animals for any purpose or reason.  We fully adhere to the law in regards to the protection of native wildlife – this is part of our core values. 

1. Attempt exclusion yourself

If you have possums in your roof, this means they are getting in somewhere.  Either hire a handy-man or if you can do it yourself look for potential openings that give access to the roof void.  Remember a possum can gain access through a tennis ball size hole or loose tiles on the roof.

Tips for finding the access point:

  • Observe the possum/s at dusk, this is the time they will come out from their day time slumber to feed, you may be able to see where they are exiting.
  • If you suspect a particular area – stuff it with wads of newspaper, the possum sleeps there during the day and will push it out when it comes out at night.  Now you will know where the possum is making entry.  As soon as the Possum makes it’s exit, you will need to exclude it from getting back in this place.
  • A handy man may be able to install a one way flap door at the access point to allow the possum out, but not back in.

NOTE: Don’t lock the possum in your roof!  It will die and it will decay and rot.  You probably wouldn’t stand by when a dog is locked in a hot car, don’t be tempted to lock a possum in a roof with no food or water in 60+degree heat. 

2. Trap and release

If the exclusion doesn’t work in the first instance, you may have to trap the possum while you do the work to exclude.  Trapping a possum is legal and can be done very effectively and humanely.   By law, Possums are not allowed to be removed from their environment.  The Queensland Government has a 25 metre rule – that is; you cannot catch a possum then release it any further than 25 metres from where the possum resides.   This can be frustrating for some home owners as they may have several possums in their area. In this case, you may have to work in conjunction with your neighbours to get a result.  There is no getting around the fact that your native friends will reside with you, it will be up to you to exclude them from areas you don’t want them.  (See Possum box below)

3. Continue to exclude (Tips from the RSPCA)

  • Place sheet metal collars, measuring 60cm wide and 60cm above the ground, on tree trunks of trees that provide possum access to your roof.
  • Spread quassia chips in the roof space. Quassia chips may repel possums from your roof space. These can be purchased at hardware stores.
  • Use blocks of camphor or mothballs in the roof space. Blocks of camphor or mothballs in the roof space may repel possums from your roof space.
  • DO NOT use camphor and mothballs at the same time as they react chemically with each other.
  • Trim branches overhanging your roof.  The possum usually gains access this way. If you remove the branches, the night time roof parties can cease.

Tactic Pest Control Possum options

Pricing for possum removal Townsville

Tactic Pest Control Managed

We will attend the property with our trap/s.  Our technician will do an inspection to see where potential access points may be.  There is no guarantee our technician will be able to find the access point but in most cases this is possible.   The trap will be set and you will contact the office if a possum is found in the trap.   It is imperative at this point that you engage a handyman or other building contractor (or perform yourself) to remove the access point.  We will attend the property, cover the cage whilst these works are underway, provide water to the animal and ensure it’s well being.

Once the access point has been addressed, we will release the animal and remove the trap.

Do it yourself

We will provide you a trap based on the costs in the table above and you will manage the trapping and exclusion yourself.

Please note: We take no responsibility for your actions – we absolutely encourage you to care for the possum and comply with the law. If it is found that you have harmed the possum during trapping, we have a duty of care to report this to the RSPCA and Wildlife authorities.

What next?

Even after an exclusion program is complete – the possum will still co-exist on your property – the main reason it is sleeping in your roof is because it is safe.  One of the best options you can provide the Possum is to build it a house of it’s own!  You may then find the joys of having this critter in your yard.  

Download the PDF file to see how to make a possum box. 

PDF: Possum Box Plan