Possums. They are cute and cuddly looking but for anyone who has a problem with the antics of possums at night can attest to the pest nature of this native Australian marsupial. 

    There are around 23 known types of Possums in Australia - the most likely candidates for using your ceiling or roof as a runway are the Brushtail or Ringtail Possums.

  • Common Ringtail Possum

    Pseudocheirus peregrinus or the "False Hand Pilgrim" (Greek) is an Australian native marsupial.  The Ringtail is the size of a small cat and is a prolific climber preferring trees, roofs and ceilings.   The males are called "Jack" and the females are called "Jill" and the babies or very young are called "Joeys". The Ringtail is mostly grey in colour with white fur on top of their tails and under their belly.  Read More >>> 


  • Brush-tail Possum

    The Common Brush-tail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecular - meaning "furry little fox") lives up to it's name with this marsupial being quite 'fluffy' especially around the tail.
    The Brushtail looks a little different to it's close relative the Ringtail - about the size of an average cat - with a pink nose on a pointed face, it's ears are quite long and they range in colour depending on where they live (dense forest dwellers tend to be darker) from silver to gold - to black to grey. The tail is always generally dark grey to black and very bushy. Read More >>>

  • Possum Exclusion Program

    Possums aren't really a health threat to human habitation - and they can be a delight to have around the home.  The only time Possums become an issue is when they gain access to roof voids.  

    Tactic Pest Control Townsville Possum Control program is about ensuring that this little native Australian is not hurt or harmed and that the parties involved comply with the law.  

    Click here to see the Possum Control Program an how it works.