About the size of a small cat, the Ring-tail possum is grey - striking white patches behind the eyes and under the belly.  The Ring-tail has distinct brown-orange flecks or tinges on it's limbs and tail.   The underneath of the prehensile (able to grasp) tail is bare but has fur on top with a white tip.  Usually the tail is carried in a coil when not in use as an additional limb to assist with climbing. 

    The Ring-tail has slightly bulging eyes with a round head, with short ears that have a white patch behind.  If you are able to get close enough it has 3 pairs of incisors (upper) and 1 lower set. 

    Range of size is between 300-350mm long and weight varies depending on location from 700 grams to just over a kilogram. 


    Ring-tail possums are arboreal - finding security and safety in high places such as trees, roofs, forests, rainforests and dense scrub.  It makes it's spherical nest from shredded bark and grass material (also insulation if in a ceiling) called a "drey" - usually in  a hollow tree, fork of branches or dense vegetation.  The ring-tail is nocturnal so will sleep during the day.


    The ring-tail survives on a varied diet consisting of a variety of leaves, fruit, berries.  The ring-tail has adapted to introduced plants as well.  This Possum does consume it's own droppings - digesting twice to extract the most nutrients. 


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