• A lot of people think that Rats and mice are not a major issue in Townsville, however rodents are a major pest of homes and businesses in all areas of Australia. Rodents are disease carriers and are directly responsible for the deaths of millions of people throughout history, 25 million lives in Europe during the 14th century alone. They are carriers of Bubonic plague (Black Death) which still kills lots of people today in Africa and some other third world countries. The plague bacteria is passed from rat to rat and on to humans via the Oriental rat flea.

    Some diseases transmitted by rats and mice in Australia include:-

    Murine typhus fever, Weil’s disease or leptospirosis, Rat-bite fever, Trichinosis, Lymphatic choriomeningitis, Mouse typhoid or duck egg disease, Poliomyelitis and Favus or ring worm.

    Pest rodents arrived in Australia via the First fleet and even before on Dutch ships in the west of Australia and now infest every corner.

  • Roof rat (Rattus rattus)

    Rattus rattus or more commonly known as the roof rat, also known as ship rat and black rat.Their tail is longer than their bodies with a pointed nose and large ears. Their diet is just about anything that humans eat and are quite used to living close to man and is at home in roof and wallvoids of homes. They are very agile climbers and can also jump incredible distances compared to their size.

  • House Mouse

    Like all of Australia's rodent pests the house mouse is an imported pest often mistakenly referred to as field mice. While they are small and cute and have been domesticated as pets, as a pest they are not so cute. During mouse plagues millions of dollars worth of primary produce is lost along with the diseases that they carry. Read More