A few years ago we conducted a survey of thousands of home-makers and we were educated in regards to the main things which irritate people when engaging Tradespeople. We wanted to know the things that delighted customers and the things that disappointed customers.
    We then set about ensuring that we did not do the things that disappointed customers but focussed on the behaviours and service that our customers expected and were delighted by. This has been formulated into a Guarantee to our clients, promises which we want to deliver time in time out as a minimum standard you should expect. We just don't want to be 'good', we want to be 'great'!


    Ever had to sit and wait for hours for a tradesperson to turn up? We have all experienced this at some stage. Not only can this be annoying but in our busy lives we budget for everything including our time. Our booking staff will work with you to make the most convenient time for you to have your home protected, our systems mean that we will never miss an appointment.

    Tactic Pest Control Guarantee to be ontime or call or SMS you in advance to let you know if our Technician is going to be late due to circumstances out of our control. This includes being early!


    We all hate being quoted one price only later to be told that some things weren't taken into consideration and the price has to change. Not only is this unethical but can be illegal. We all have budgets and it can put a real strain on us when what we planned for is not what we are delivered.

    Tactic Pest Control Guarantees what you are quoted over the phone, on the website or via any marketing material will be the price you will pay.


    One of the biggest complaints we hear is when tradespeople leave a mess in homes. There is no excuse for not leaving a home as clean or cleaner than when it is walked into. You spend a lot of time to ensure your home is as you want it to be and probably don't have the time to begin cleaning up a mess that should not be left in the first place.

    Tactic Pest Control Guarantee to leave your home as clean or better than we found it, everything in its place.


    Costs are on the rise everywhere we look. Some unethical businesses can Quality productskeep their prices lower by skimping on the quality of the products used or the quantity those products are applied. There a a lot of generic Pest Control products on the market which do not have the same positive effect as Quality well tested brands. Pest Control application is governed by a rule - 'The label is law'. A lot of research & testing goes into finding the right dose applied in the right areas to have the longest lasting benefit. Don't let inferior products be a weak link in the protection in your home.

    Tactic Pest Control Guarantee to use Quality Products applied at the label rate in the right areas using the right equipment. We will NEVER compromise on quality.


    Our aim is for you to be satisfied completely with our service, products, pricing and quality. If at any stage you do not believe that we have fulfilled our promises to you, we ask that you contact us and let us know. If we cannot rectify the situation to your satisfaction within 30 days you will receive your money back. Guaranteed