• There are many species of termites in Australia, but only a relative few are a danger to your home. Townsville, is home to every dangerous species of termites found in Australia.  If left unchecked can literally eat up the equity in your home.


    The word 'Termite' is the scariest word there is for a home owner or investor.  Termites can literally eat the equity in your home.  An average of $10,000 damage and 20% of the perceived value of your home wiped out when termites attack.  Termite awareness is as important as protecting yourself from natural disasters. Unfortunately, complacency is more of an enemy than Termites! 


    One in three (33%) homes in Townsville have had invasion by termites. This can occur in the house structure itself or in the grounds.  Nationally, termites cause $1 Billion of damage every year.  This is more than the cost of all natural disasters combined.  We spend a lot of money on making their homes strong in the event of a cyclones because it is a tangible threat. Usually with a cyclone or storm there is warning and a lot of education. Termites are insidious, destructive. Unlike storms, bushfires or cyclone damage, you get little warning. The cost are generally NOT covered by your building insurance.


    • Risk of attack to your home: 1 in 3 or 33%.
    • Number of homes attacked since 2000: 650,000.
    • Average cost of repairs to a home after termite attack: $10,000*.
    • Perceived loss of value of a home attacked by termites: 20% (-$60,000**).
    • Percentage of buyers who would be 'scared off' if termites found: 75%.
    • Cost of treatment & ongoing protection as a % of value of home: 0.0015%.

    *Most damage occurs in 'soft timber finishes' such as architraves, skirting boards etc. **Based on a home valued at $300,000.