• Altriset – Poison Free Termite Protection

  • Altriset® is so deadly to termites it's scary. Altriset® is so safe for you and your family. It's incredible.

  • Tactic Pest Control Townsville are excited to be certified installers of Altriset Termiticide, the safest product available on the market to ensure your most valuable asset is protected from Termites. 

  • What is Altriset®

    Altriset® is an exciting, relatively new Termiticide developed by Syngenta (formerly DuPont Professional Products) taking 10 years and $250 Million in research and development.  Altriset is a phenomenal weapon in the arsenal of Tactic Pest Control to protect your home from Termites.

  • How is Altriset® different?

    Let's begin with three facts that are simply amazing.

    • Altriset is so SAFE, it is exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities. That's right. It's not a poison
    • Altriset is so SAFE, we do not need to wear protective clothing or respiratory equipment in order to complete an application, and most importantly;
    • Altriset is so SAFE you don't have to worry about any adverse effects to your family or pets or the environment
  • How does it work?

    All treatment agents have an active ingredient (AI) in the chemistry. This ingredient is the agent in the product that kills the target species, the chemistry of the product dictates how the termiticide acts against the termites.

    There are two different types of termiticide

    Repellents: These do as the name suggests. When a termite comes in contact with the treatment, they die. The idea is to create a 'barrier' around the home or structure and repel the attack of the termites. The risk is that the termite will find a gap in the 'barrier' and find a way through the treatment.

    Non-Repellent: At first it may seem like a strange thing to do, but non-repellents are designed to allow and even encourage termites into the 'Treated Zone'. The termite ingests or is coated in the treatment and then through the natural biological nature of termites passes the termiticide to other termites through social interaction such as grooming or passing nutrients.

  • The active ingredient in Altriset Chlorantraniliprole (pronounced: Kloran-tranil-ill-prole) is a NON-REPELLENT and was inspired by the insecticidal properties of a natural substance found in the trees and shrubs of the Ryania spp. (Ryania speciosa)

    Some non-repellent termiticides act on the nervous system of a termite killing the termite on contact or shortly thereafter. These poisons are placed into the ground around your home and bond with the soil remaining residual.

    Altriset mode of action is unique in that it does not kill the termite immediately, but systematically shuts down the termites muscles. In effect, it actually stops the termite from being able to chew wood, then it stops the termite from moving. Here's how.

  • Altriset® turns social

    Termites are blind but highly social creatures and spend a lot of time touching each other, grooming and passing food to one another.  Termites as small as they are travel around 10-15 metres per hour underground in tunnels potentially coming in contact with hundreds of termites in that time.  Altriset mode of action uses these natural biological habits to pass the termiticide in a deadly game of pass the parcel.  Within a few hours in a normally busy termite tunnel you will find a literal traffic jam of paralysed termites while the termiticide is being passed deeper and deeper into the colony by yet to be affected workers and soliders. Amazing.

  • The Altriset® termite control timeline

  • Benefits of Altriset® Termiticide

    • Halts the termite feeding process with hours of application and foraging
    • Eliminates termites in 3 months or less
    • No odour, no fumes
    • Non repellent ensuring the termites forage into the treated zone
    • Mode of action like no other termiticide on the market today
    • Leaves termites alive for period of time to transfer Altriset to other termites
    • Is not poison, has been exempted from poison scheduling in Australia
    • Safe for you and your family
    • Provides in ground residual effect for approximately 5 years
  • Tactic Pest Control are certified installers/applicators of Altriset®

    Every one of our Tactic Termite Technicians have been trained and accredited to install Altriset Termiticide.  You can rest assured that the application will be completed to the high standards you have come to expect from Tactic Pest Control and to the label requirements as required by the law.  See how we protect your home here.

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