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Annual/Home owner termite inspections

Townsville is home to all economically significant termites found in Australia. Having a Timber Pest Inspection on your home is the first step in reducing the extremely costly risk associated with living in North Queensland.



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What to do if find termites

Home owners spend of average $7,000 to repair the damage caused by termites

The fact is; According to the CSIRO 1 in 3 Australian homes have had a termite problem.  Look around you.  One of the homes either side of you or yours have had or will suffer from a termite attack.  If your home is unprotected, it doesn’t become a matter of IF, it becomes a matter of when.

This is not being alarmist, this is stating the facts.  With no insurance to cover the damage that termites will do, your first and only line of defence is a qualified, licenced and experienced Termite Technician from Tactic Pest Control.

Inspect my home
Tactic Pest Control Termite Inspection

My home is built from steel or concrete

Some people think in terms of ‘total home destruction’ when it comes to termites. Yes, the external structure may be made of cement, the frame may be steel but the internal fittings such as window/door frames, skirtings, internal timber frame walls, roof trusses or anything timber or cellulose related are food for termites.  It is rare for termites to completely destroy a home but they are capable of extracting up to 2kg of timber per day from your home.  The cost of repairs is not just about replacing a piece of damaged timber here and there, it can mean replacing entire walls or fixing a sagging roof which can be really expensive.

The cost of full termite protection over 8 years can be as little as $60 a month considering the cost of a system plus inspections.

If you choose to only do one thing, it is have an annual termite inspection at the recommended intervals for the type of home you have, the area you live in and the risk that exists.

Termite Inspection Townsville
Step 1: Inspect and Assess

A Tactic Pest Control Termite Technician will thoroughly examine your home from top to bottom using the Australian Standard as a basis for our process.

We will not only check for risk of termites, but also for any Timber Pest (including fungi, rot, borers etc).  We will use the latest in technology along with a system and process to ensure that at the time of inspection, your home is free from termites.

We use a combination of state of the art technology including moisture meters, thermometres and termite detection equipment to assist our highly skilled inspectors assess your home.

We will inspect every accessible area including the roof void, subfloor, all internal accessible areas and to the fence line (average block size) to uncover ‘close risk’ in trees or stored timbers in or around your property.

Step 2: Report and Recommend

Once we are complete, you will receive a comprehensive report along with any recommendations, photographs of key areas and an easy to understand point by point assessment of any current issues or future risks.

The Tactic Pest Control Inspection Report will be sent to you in digital format or paper depending on your preferences.  We will follow you up to ensure you understand the recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Protect

Usually, a home that has no or expired termite protection will have a recommendation to implement a protection System.

We will provide you guidance, along with a comprehensive and easy to understand quotation outlining the different options available for your home.

If you have a rental property, these will be provided to the real estate agent to be passed to you for consideration.  Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and to walk you through the process.

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