• Annual/Home owner termite inspections


  • An annual termite inspection is essential to ensure your home is safe from termite infestation.  Early detection of termite attack will reduce the potential for damage to your home and allow you to prevent the possiblity of major costly repairs. Home insurance does not cover the damage that termites can do (average $10,000).  In some instances, the cost may just be a piece of finishing timber, we have seen repair bills as high as $90,000.


    Termites don't ever rest - they are active every minute of every day. Their primary purpose is to consume wood, to reproduce and to expand the colony to be able to create new colonies.  1 in 3 homes in Townsville have been attacked by termites and usually the home owner does not know until the termites become visible - that is, they have already wreaked havoc.


    Termites don't care what form their food comes in as they will break down anything containing the 'chocolate' of the termite world -Cellulose.  There is so much in our world containing cellulose, things you would never have thought of.  Click here to see a list.



    If you suspect you have termites or you have not had an inspection for a few years, you Tactic Pest Control Technician will inspect your home using the most comprehensive system of inspection in Australia. (AS 4349.3-2010) We will not only inspect for termites, but also borers, wood rot and fungi.  Your inspection will be conducted by a qualified licenced and experienced Termite Technician. 


    You will be provided with a report that covers every aspect of the inspection, our findings and our recommendations.  We will let you know areas we have accessed and any areas of concern that we were not able to gain access to.  You will receive the report within 48 hours of the inspection along with a call to ensure you understand the findings and recommendations. Of course if you are there on the day. we will also talk to you then. 


    If you have any concerns about the report, if you have any questions or you would just like to chat to one of our specialists, we will return to your home and assist.  Between the recommended inspection frequency, we will return to your house if you have found other areas of concern or you wish to ask for advice whether it's for gardens, extensions or any other termite issue. We'll be there. 


    Click here to book your annual termite inspection for your home or investment property or call (07) 4725 0211