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Liquid Defence System – Ultimate Termite Protection



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Keep Termites out – Create a barrier with a Liquid Defence System

Sounds violent but when it comes to Termties, the best form of defence is attack. The Tactic Pest Control Liquid Defence Barrier System once installed will create a virtual impenetrable barrier against termite infestation. As part of the system and your ongoing Termite Plan we will inspect your home every year for up to 8 years – your Tactic Man will ensure your home is kept free of termites. If a termite breaches the system, we cover you for the cost of retreatment to ensure termites are gone. Guaranteed.

How we defend your home

  • Inspect your home to find evidence of present attack or past attack on your home. Our inspection is to the full Australian Standard and beyond with your highly trained Termite Technician using the latest in investigation and discovery techniques. If termites are in your home, we will find them.
  • If we find termites, we will begin our attack. Find them, track them, kill them. Using highly specialised equipment we kill every termite in the structure within 7 days of the initial treatment
  • Once we have killed the termites in your home, your Termite Specialist will design a protection system using the method of protection BEST SUITED to the construction style, the structure itself, the area, the pressure (level of termite activity in close proximity) and the species of termites. Termite Protection is the idea of ‘excluding’ termites from a structure in order to protect it, the same way that security screens, alarms & locks are designed to reduce the risk of intruders entering our homes.

The Treated Zone

Traditionally known as a ‘barrier’, creating the Treated Zone can involve digging a trench around the structure, professionally drilling slab areas around the perimeter and then injecting the recommended liquid defence product. This is where a termiticide (chemical designed to kill termites) is bonded with the soil abutting a structure in order to create a treated zone. Depending on the type of liquid agent used and its mode of action, the termite comes in contact with the zone and dies.

Treatment Agents
Depending on the home and structure type your Tactic Pest Control Technician will give the choice of and recommend the use of a treatment agent that will prevent your home from being infested by Termites. Termite treatment agents differ in the Mode of Action and also the longevity of the treatment. This will be outlined in the quotation provided to you. Tactic Pest Control use and recommend Altriset, Termidor and Biflex Termiticides. Click the type to find out more about the mode of action.


Found them. Tracked them. Killed them. Protected your home. What now?

How we protect your home

Termites are tenacious and an have incredible systems of survival. They also like any cellulose based material, and your house is like a all you can eat buffet. Where a colony may be destroyed by our treatment prior to the Liquid Defence System being installed, a new colony may move in on your home. The liquid defence system actually bonds with the soil particles and sometimes even though we expressly direct home onwers not to, the soil around the home may be dug up or replaced or gardens installed or even bushes or trees planted compromising the system. Think of the liquid defence system as a shield. If one part of the shield is compromised, this allows termites a pathway into the home.

This is why as part of your ongoing treatment program – we conduct annual inspections on your home. This is a full inspection including assessing the integrity of the Liquid Defence System put in place. We will remind you each year about your annual inspection, this inspection maintains your Warranty and keeps the buggers out.


Contact Tactic Pest Control today for a no obligation free assessment of your home. A fully licenced and qualified Termite Inspector/Assessor will attend your home and provide you within 24 hours a termite protection plan and proposal. If we find live termites on the day – we will re-prioritise all other bookings to ensure that they can do no more damage.

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