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Pre-purchase termite inspections

6 reasons why a pre purchase termite inspection prior to buying a home or investment property in townsville is not just nice to have, it's essential



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Termite detection requires deft skill and experience to detect when the signs of termites are ‘natural’. When sellers disguise the signs of termites it takes a highly trained and skilled eye and a process of inspection to find whether termites are in your new home or have been there in the past. Some sellers will use plaster, paint, bog and new cheap timber to disguise termite activity under the guise of ‘renovation’. We have uncovered devious methods to hide termite infestation including Real Estate Agents and vendors who have been extremely combative when we have been selected to inspect a home, knowing the home has issues.


Townsville is a great place to live and raise a family, retire or just enjoy life. Along with all that sunshine and warm weather comes a variety of pest issues. Of the known 350 termite species in Australia, most of which are grass feeders, Townsville plays host to 7 of the most economically significant and destructive species.

  • Mastotermes darwinsis (Giant Termite)
  • Schedorhinotermes (spp)
  • Coptotermes frenchi and
  • Coptotermes acinaciformis
  • Microcerotermes (spp)
  • Nasutitermes (spp)
  • Heterotermes (spp)

These termite species are all subterranean (live in colonies under the ground) and are the main culprits to termite attack in Townsville.  We have seen on many occasions 3-4 species attacking the one house and once established in ideal conditions, some termites species can remove 2kg of wood in a day. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but a hardwood joist or roof beam can weigh 40-60kg, 30 days and it could be gone.


Even though termites can steal tens of thousands of dollars from your home’s equity, it’s not the only issue in a potential purchase. Our inspections cover things like wood rot, fungi and borers. In the recent cyclone events in Queensland – Cyclone Yasi – that affected Cardwell, Ingham and Townsville and Marcia that ripped through Central Queensland, the most common issue where a home lost it’s roof was not in fact the strength of the wind, it has a lot to do with wood decay including rot. Roofing is usually screwed to timber battons and if these battons suffer from fungi or woot decay, the very structure your roof is secured to can be compromised. Stairs and other wooden structures including timber fascia and external finishing timbers are also prone to wood rot and fungus attack. We see sellers painting and using products like builders bog to cover issues like this – we will uncover these types of hidden issues and make sure you are aware of them


Termites once established can build amazing tunnel systems and sub-nests 100 metres from the nest in search of yummy timber. Fences, trees and other structures on your potential new home could be a staging ground for a full on termite assault on the house. We visually inspect every tree and structure up to 100 metres from your home. Although termites in trees, fences or the old shed is not a deal breaker in most instances, it does give you….


Even if a pre-purchase inspection uncovers problems, not every termite infestation or problem with rot or fungi means you shouldn’t buy the house. If there is a problem, we will give you an assessment of the damage or issue and give you direction on the costs of eradication and rectification. This can become an excellent negotiation tool and more often than not the home is still purchased but at a substantially lower price. If you love the home – why not negotiate a better purchase price? We will be there to ensure your new investment is protected!


It’s an over used term but that last thing you want to be worried about is termites, wood rot or fungi! You want to be concerned with moving in, unpacking and enjoying your new home – whether it’s just you or you and your family. On average the cost of a pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection is 0.0015% of the cost of your home. Well worth it for absolute assurance. It doesn’t stop with the pre-purchase inspection, if you buy the home, we will be there to assist in the continuing protection from Termites. As a minimum you will be completing an Annual Inspection to ensure the home remains free from Termite attack.

Combining building and Pest

So often a real estate agent will recommend a termite and building inspector to you during the process after you have signed a contract pending ‘Building and Pest Inspection”. Why do you think they do that? A real estate agents job is to sell the home for the vendor and once they have you interested and in love with the house, they may attempt to expedite the sales process by recommending inspectors who may not be as thorough – or even will be favourable in the report to continue to receive work from the agent.

We use and recommend Bob Gillis from QCON Building Inspections Townsville for the building inspection component. Real Estates do not like Bob, that’s why we use him! Solicitors LOVE Bob because he is so thorough. 46 years experience in North Queensland means he knows every trick in the book when it comes to covering issues from the structural side of the inspection. Tactic Pest Control and QCON Buildng Inspections are two separate businesses. On the day you will have two inspectors -> a specialised and qualified Timber Pest Inspector from Tactic Pest Control AND Bob Gillis from QCON. It may seem like a good idea to have the same person do both, but we believe two sets of highly trained eyes are better than one. If you use Bob Gillis you will receive a discount on both of the inspections and you will receive the most comprehensive reports in Townsville.

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