• With at least 1 in 3 homes attacked by termites and an average of $10,000 damage caused when they invade, your home should be placed in only the best of hands to ensure it is safe.  Your Tactic Pest Control Man takes termites seriously and is dedicated to protecting your investment through our Termite Inspection program.


    The fact is the only way to detect the presence of Timber Pests (Termites are just one of many types of Timber destroying pests) before major damage is done is to have a Timber Pest Inspection carried out to the Australian Standard at least once per year. In Townsville, if the home does not have up-to-date protection installed, inspections 3-4 times a year is strongly recommended. There are two inspection Standards which outline the MINIMUM requirements for a competent Inspector to fulfil during an inspection.

    • AS 3660.1-2000: This is a Visual Termite Inspection designed to detect the presence of subterranean Termites only.'
    • AS 4349.3-2010: (new standard) A full Visual Timber Pest Inspection is designed to detect the presence of not just subterranean termites but also borers of seasoned timbers & Wood rot/fungi.

    The standards also dictate what areas must be inspected along with the appropriate tools and the methodology.  This is to attempt to ensure a minimum standard requirement across the industry. Unfortunately sometimes not even the minimum standard is upheld by some operators. Tactic Pest Control Townsville use the most comprehensive inspection Standard AS4349.3 in ALL inspections, at no additional charge. This is something you should check with if you are shopping around.


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