• Testimonials and Reviews

    Please read some testimonials from clients who have used Tactic Pest Control Townsville and what they have to say.  It's sometimes difficult choosing a pest control company based on what you read on a website or in advertising and reviews certainly help.  We love to service our clients and love it when we make them happy. 

  • Year after year your business gets better and better. I am always impressed with the service, the prompt answering of the phone, the clean and neat pest guys and girls who attend our home. Really happy.

    Rating: Janice Albion

  • Dear George, We thank you for your expertise in this area - Ashley was very professional and informative. Both Shaun and I appreciated the time he spent informing us of all that he found at {address removed} Wulguru and how to rectify each of the things stated. Now we can make a very INFORMED solution on each as we approach that particular problem. The garden is one of my first projects - this time of year makes the job so much easier... I hope! We have a lot of dead plants, dead stumps and mango trees to remove.. good thing I love gardening!.. and that's just the beginning... If we need to know any more or need your services with spraying our home we certainly won't hesitate to call you. Thanks again.

    Rating: Shaun and Susan A

  • George and his team are so knowledgeable about pests, and know the correct products to get the job done right the first time! I can't believe I didn't know that you could spray for mosquitoes! Highly recommend Tactic Pest Control!

    Rating: Georgie Lee (Via Facebook)

  • Just a personal thank you for the great service George. Your staff member Brendon was excellent, explained everything very well before doing the job and was considerate of my animals. Our problem is now solved and I can't thank you enough. I will be sure to recommend Tactic Pest Control to my friend and family.

    Rating: Andrew Vasquez

  • Just a quick message to say how much I appreciate a company that stuck to its word and helped me out immensely with my issues.

    Rating: Tim Oakland